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First MySpine MC surgery in New Zealand

First MySpine MC surgery in New Zealand

After recently winning the MedTech Breakthrough Award for Orthopaedics and Surgical Innovation, Medacta International is pleased to announce that MySpine MC has officially landed in New Zealand. The first MySpine MC case was performed by Mr. David Kieser at Southern Cross Hospital (Christchurch) in July 2019.


Mr. Kieser has been a pioneer of patient matched technology in New Zealand. “With MySpine MC I could select exact screw size and exact location of the screw before the procedure” said Mr. Kieser. “The procedure was flawless with everything going exactly as planned”.
MySpine MC is Medacta’s surgical technique for lumbar stabilization procedures based on 3D-printed, patient-matched guides that will help with the positioning of vertebral screws in the midline cortical approach. Medacta’s Midline Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) procedure provides high accuracy in screw positioning and robust posterior fixation through a minimally invasive, muscle sparing surgery. Short operating times, low per-case costs and a limited requirement for radiation exposure are further significant advantages of this technique. 
MySpine MC is part of the sophisticated “MySolutions” technology. Thanks to the creation of advanced personalized anatomic and kinematic models and 3D planning tools, MySolutions are highly personalized pre-operative planning and implant placement methodologies for use not only in spine procedures, but also in hip (MyHip), knee (MyKnee) and shoulder (MyShoulder) procedures.
To support surgeons in the application of the MySpine MC system, Medacta M.O.R.E. Institute has created a comprehensive education program. Check out all the details about the M.O.R.E. Education Spine Program and contact us if you wish to receive more information about our course listings, online library resources and formal education programs.