Medacta Corporate
We take a leadership role with a personal commitment
to provide innovative surgical techniques and products
that add economical value and sustainability to the healthcare system

The journey began in 1958, when Bieffe Biochimici Firenze was founded by Dr. Francesco Siccardi, Sr.
The Group has seen a prosperous growth thanks to the advancement of cutting edge technology, world-wide
expansion and excellent commercial results. The Group has expanded its activity the world over, specialising
in dialysis, urology and i.v. perfusion.

The Siccardi family sold a large part of the company (the sterile fluids product group) to the Baxter Group.

Strategic decision to enter orthopaedic market: Medacta International was founded.

Acquisition of  BIOMICRON in Paris and ORDEV in Holland and related products.
Move to the new plant in Castel San Pietro headquarters including manufacturing and R&D.

Medacta was certified with the following standards - ISO 9001 & ISO 13485.

1st AMIS surgical procedure.
Medacta Orthopaedic Research and Education M.O.R.E. Institute was created.

Medacta Australia was established - the first Medacta subsidiary outside Europe.

Medacta USA was established and Medacta received the first FDA product clearance.

Medacta Spine Division was created.
1st MyKnee surgical procedure.

1st Spine Division product implanted – Mectalif.

Medacta entered the Asian market by establishing Medacta Japan.
1st Spine Division product implanted in the US.
1st GMK Sphere surgical procedure.

1st Pedicle Screw implanted – M.U.S.T.
100th Learning center AMIS.

1st GMK Efficiency surgical procedure.
1st MySpine surgical procedure.

7th M.O.R.E. International Symposium 
Medacta celebrated its 15th anniversary as a Company (founded in 1999 with a vision to improve the patient experience
for people needing joint replacement), its 10th anniversary for the AMIS (Anterior Minimally Invasive Surgery) approach
for hip replacement and its 5th anniversary for MyKnee (Patient Matched Technology) for knee replacement.

11 years after the introduction of the AMIS Education Program, Medacta celebrated the 200th AMIS Learning Center with
a global scale event, involving 3 continents: Europe, America and Oceania. This important event has been held in 3 different
countries to celebrate this achievement around the world. With the 200th AMIS Learning Center the M.O.R.E. Institute can
proclaim that over 2,600 Surgeons have attended an AMIS Course. To date, over 3,500 surgeon to surgeon visits have been
made, supporting the start and routine use of the AMIS technique in over 1,100 hospitals worldwide. 

Medacta Spotlighted Leading Knee, Hip, Spine and Hip Preservation Surgical Practices and Innovations at the 8th M.O.R.E.
International Symposium. Reflected long-standing commitment to surgical education and training for improved patient outcomes.
Coincided with: 200,000th Anterior Minimally Invasive Surgery procedures, 100,000th AMIStem Hip implantations, 40,000th MyKnee
Patient Matched Technology Instrumentation, presentation of the New MySpine Low Profile Pedicle Screw Guidance Technology. 

1st MiniMAX hip stem implanted in Australia through AMIS approach.
Completion of the first U.S. surgeries by Dr. Raymond Golish utilizing the Medacta innovative and proprietary 3D-printed MySpine
Low Profile Guide, part of the company’s award-winning MySpine Patient Matched Technology.

New plant for Spine division in Rancate including manufacturing and R&D.