We never stop striving for
a better future


Innovation is of paramount importance at Medacta. It is the foundation of all our projects and the basis of our growth strategy today and tomorrow. Personalized solutions, the primary focus of our innovation, are based on three pillars: a complete and profound knowledge of human nature, continuous investments in long-term R&D and the use of cutting-edge technologies. Innovation is expressed in the originality of our surgical techniques and our internationally patented products.


Our philosophy is that education is an indispensable tool for transforming innovation into concrete benefits for patients, surgeons and healthcare systems. In addition to medical education through the M.O.R.E. Institute, we offer professional education to our collaborators thanks to the Medacta Academy, and support the education of the patients through the MyPractice Development Plan.


The quality of our products is of primary importance; we are committed to providing products that not only comply with all current standards and regulations, but above all offer a unique special value to customers all over the world through innovation. Quality is not just a policy at Medacta, it is part of the culture and philosophy that motivates all employees every day. There are no compromises: “Quality in motion” is our motto and it drives us each and every day. 


We want to change things for a better future. This is the reason why sustainability is a fundamental pillar of our way of doing business, in both environmental, economic and social terms. This philosophy translates into guidelines and internal regulations that guide our daily decisions and actions.