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Medacta International SA has developed a Corporate Compliance Programme (“Programme”) that is aimed at meeting the Global Principles of Compliance in the countries where Medacta is present. Our written policies and procedures cover the main aspects of the Compliance sphere and should be followed by any employee or agent that works for Medacta.
If any local law exists that is stricter than our guidelines, it applies and must be followed locally.
Medacta set up this initial Programme based on its actual resources and size, but the Program will be regularly monitored and improved based on changes in laws, codes, guidelines, and results of day-to-day Compliance activities.
As a European company, Medacta International SA bases its Program on the MedTech Europe Code of Ethics. Locally, other codes should be respected, such as the Advamed Code in the USA. Where no specific codes are present, the MedTech Europe one will be the standard.
Medacta International SA has designated a Corporate Compliance Officer who is the main contact person for any issue concerning Compliance and who has the responsibility to coordinate the implementation of the Programme worldwide. Medacta International SA has instituted a Compliance Committee to assist the Compliance Officer in his decisions aimed at respecting the guidelines of the Programme.
In each branch, Medacta has also designated a Compliance Manager who will manage Compliance activities locally and, if necessary, will implement local policies and procedures and will create a local Compliance Committee.
A critical aspect on which we are focusing is the education and training of our employees and agents on the Program, including specific references to codes of ethics and local laws to be respected.
In this Compliance Section there is the possibility to submit a compliance concern, question, or potential violation of our Code anonymously.

We know that it is not possible to guarantee that improper conduct of employees or agents will be completely eliminated, but we have implemented investigation, monitoring and auditing procedures aimed at reinforcing the Programme and addressing any potential violation of the Programme or local laws.

Additional country specific compliance regulations: France

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