May 3, 2023

Medacta showcases NextAR Spine MIS LT procedure at Spine Week, efficiently complementing operative workflow for spine surgery


CASTEL SAN PIETRO, May 3, 2023 - Medacta Group SA (“Medacta”, SIX:MOVE), a Swiss company specializing in the design, production, and distribution of innovative, personalized, and sustainable solutions for Joint Replacement, sports medicine, and spine surgeries, showcases its innovative NextAR Spine MIS LT procedure at Spine Week. This procedure combines the augmented reality surgical application NextAR Spine and the M.U.S.T. LT percutaneous spinal fixation platform, creating a perfect synergy between optimized workflow, versatility, and personalized implant choice, and well-established execution in minimally invasive surgeries.

“By combining NextAR Spine with M.U.S.T. LT, you get an immediate and simple solution for an accurate percutaneous fixation. From the design phase, we aimed to make the procedure more efficient and reproducible and perfectly integrated into the operative workflow,' says Prof. Dr. Bernhard Meyer, Director of the Neurosurgical Clinic of the Technical University of Munich, Germany.

Dr. Andrew Kam, Westmead Hospital, adds, “With NextAR MIS LT, I was impressed with how the NextAR technology has been enhanced in percutaneous surgeries. The immediate access to pertinent data and the versatility of the M.U.S.T. LT system improve the procedure's workflow and the patient's outcomes.”

The NextAR Spine MIS LT procedure combines:

  • NextAR Spine augmented reality surgical application empowers the surgeon’s vision with unique real-time surgical guidance, superimposed onto the operative field to enhance precision and enable data-driven decision-making. In October 2022, the NextAR Spine application was awarded the 2022 Spine Technology Award from Orthopedics This Week during the NASS Congress in Chicago, the second Medacta product to receive this prestigious recognition after the MySpine Platform, patient-matched technology.
  • M.U.S.T. LT is a minimally invasive solution for posterior spine fixation with the percutaneous approach. This versatile solution, already assembled in the sterile package, provides surgeons with a wide selection of fast-locking screws, and offers an extended reduction capacity, a crucial aspect in lumbar spondylolisthesis or thoracic kyphosis restoration.

In line with Medacta's philosophy of healthcare sustainability, the NextAR platform is offered as a hardware system with limited capital investment and the ability to host software for multiple applications. The platform represents an optimal solution worldwide, particularly for US Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs).

The NextAR Augmented Reality Surgical Platform is part of Medacta's MySolutions Personalized Ecosystem, an advanced network of digital solutions designed to improve patient outcomes and healthcare efficiency. MySolutions embodies Medacta's holistic approach to personalized medicine, aiming to bring value to every step of the patient’s journey from preoperative through postoperative care.

NextAR is also supported by the comprehensive, tailored educational offerings provided by the M.O.R.E. Institute. With an international network of expert surgeons, the M.O.R.E. Institute is at the forefront of education on spine procedures and products with personalized, high-level educational pathways. With Medacta, the surgeon is never alone.

To learn more about the NextAR Spine MIS LT procedure, visit Medacta during Spine Week at booth number B13.

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Medacta is an international company specializing in the design, production, and distribution of innovative orthopaedic products, as well as in the development of accompanying surgical techniques. Established in 1999 in Switzerland, Medacta is active in joint replacement, spine surgery, and sports medicine. Medacta is committed to improving the care and well-being of patients and maintains a strong focus on healthcare sustainability. Medacta's innovation, forged by close collaboration with surgeon experts globally, began with minimally invasive surgical techniques and has evolved into personalized solutions for every patient. Through the M.O.R.E. Institute, Medacta supports surgeons with a comprehensive and tailored program dedicated to the advancement of medical education. Medacta is headquartered in Castel San Pietro, Switzerland, and operates in over 50 countries. Follow us on Medacta TV, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


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