July 28, 2023

Medacta Group SA: 2023 Half-Year Unaudited Top-Line Figures

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Medacta Group SA revenues grew 21.4% at constant currency1 in 1H 2023

  • 1H 2023 revenue increased to Euro 255.1 million, or 21.4% c.c.1 (20.8% reported) from 1H 2022;
  • Strong recovery in APAC and US;
  • Continued excellent performance in EMEA;
  • Solid performance in every business line, with stellar performance in Knee and Shoulder;
  • Overall strong market demand, sustained by recovery of some Covid-related backlogs;
  • Robust supply chain able to support an accelerated growth;
  • Focus on Medical Education and Salesforce expansion in all business lines and geographies;
  • Outlook for FY 2023: we update our guidance based on 1H strong performance. Revenue growth in c.c. expected in the range of 15% to 18% and adjusted EBITDA in c.c. is predicted to remain largely in line with 2022, in the absence of unforeseen events.


CASTEL SAN PIETRO, 28 July 2023 – Medacta Group SA (“Medacta”, SIX:MOVE) announces today the first semester 2023 preliminary unaudited revenue.

Francesco Siccardi, CEO of Medacta, commented: “I am very pleased with the excellent sales performance recorded in the first part of the year, thanks to an improved geographic mix and a solid growth of all business lines. This performance underlines the robustness of our strategic choices and provide us the opportunity to update our full year guidance, leveraging the very positive trend of the first half.

In the first semester 2023 we delivered strong organic growth, with a significant gain of new customers across all geographies and business lines. This is a result of an effective commercial development, in a market that is progressively recovering the accumulated backlog in some key areas (mainly in Australia and US). The continued commitment to medical education, through in-person scientific dedicated events and our M.O.R.E. Institute programs for surgeons, is a key factor to deliver and maintain our good performance. Finally, a strong supply chain sustained the growth, being able to serve both existing and new customers, without disruptions. 

Revenue By geography and product line

Every market recorded a positive performance thanks to an extremely positive trend in Europe, a progressive recovery in North America and the end of Covid-19 restrictions in Australia.

Revenue in EMEA grew c.c. 24.0%, to Euro 123.1 million. Strong growth across all the different countries, with significant contribution from both existing and new customers.

Revenue in North America increased 17.9% c.c. to Euro 76.5 million, thanks to a solid recovery of sales volume in existing customers and through new customer acquisition, especially in Knee and Shoulder.

Revenue in Asia Pacific grew by 22.0% c.c. to Euro 51.4 million. In Australia, we had a positive contribution from the end of Covid-19 restrictions, the “Public in Private” Covid-19 recovery plan and an increase of new customers.  Japan continues with a very positive growth trend across all business lines, partially offset by expected government price reductions (especially in Spine).

Revenue in RoW was Euro 4.2 million with an increase of 9.7% c.c.

Below we report the first semester 2023 sales break-down by geographic area:

(Million Euro)
1H 2023 1H 2022 Reported Growth Constant Currency Growth
EMEA* 123.1 98.5 25.0% 24.0%
North America 76.5 64.2 19.1% 17.9%
Asia Pacific 51.4 44.8 14.7% 22.0%
RoW** 4.2 3.8 10.7% 9.7%
TOTAL 255.1 211.3 20.8% 21.4%
* EMEA: In 2023 we reorganized the key geographic areas introducing the EMEA region. EMEA includes revenue from the former Europe region and certain countries originally included in the Rest of the World region (ROW). 1H 2022 figures have been restated accordingly.
** RoW includes all other geographic locations.

Hip products increased revenue by 15.7% c.c., to Euro 116.4 million, with good performance in all geographies mainly driven by our Anterior Minimally Invasive Surgery Approach (AMIS).

Revenue from our Knee offerings grew by 27.7% c.c. to Euro 98.5 million, with our personalized solutions and GMK Sphere - MyKA offer driving the strong performance in every market.

Our Extremities business line reported an increase in revenue of 38.7% c.c., to Euro 17.9 million, primarily attributable to Shoulder supported by Medacta Shoulder System and Technologies (MyShoulder and NextAR). Sportsmed business continues to develop with expected acceleration in 2H.

Revenue from our Spine offering increased by 15.0% c.c. to Euro 22.4 million, thanks to EMEA and USA. Growth in APAC was partially offset by price cuts in Japan. Good acceleration on the NextAR Spine utilisation in the last months of the 1H.

Below we report the first semester 2023 sales break-down by product line:

(Million Euro)
1H 2023 1H 2022 Reported Growth Constant Currency Growth
Hip 116.4 101.4 14.8% 15.7%
Knee 98.5 77.2 27.5% 27.7%
Extremities* 17.9 12.9 38.9% 38.7%
Spine 22.4 19.8 13.2% 15.0%
TOTAL 255.1 211.3 20.8% 21.4%
* Extremities include Shoulder and Sportsmed revenues.

These preliminary sales figures are unaudited for the periods ending June 30, 2023 and are therefore subject to change. The Company will announce its 2023 Half-Year Results on September 22, 2023.

2023 Outlook

Based on the positive business performance recorded in the first semester, we update our guidance of full-year revenue growth at constant currency in the range of 15% to 18% (previously “10% -13%”). Adjusted EBITDA margin at constant currency is expected to remain largely in line with 2022, subject to any unforeseen events.

2022 Sustainability Report

Today the Sustainability Report 2022 has been published. The document provides an overview of all initiatives taken in our four materiality areas: Innovative Solutions, Caring for People, Caring for the Environment, and Caring for the Community, in addition to targets set for 2023.

The 2022 Sustainability Report is available at https://www.medacta.com/EN/sustainability

Webcast Today at 3:00 pm (CEST)

Medacta Group SA will present its preliminary unaudited top-line figures during a webcast today at 3:00 pm (CEST). The call will be headed by Francesco Siccardi (CEO) and Corrado Farsetta (CFO) and will be held in English.



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